What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Dealing With Gangstalking

by Garron
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

I have been bullied or stalked for my whole or most of my life because of coke and I have not even touched the drug. When I was 5 or 6 my mother was thrown out of the window during getting beaten by her partner. I saw her get thrown out the window as I was riding a little plastic bike down the street. I began to start hearing a loud pitched ringing in my ear every now and again as I got older it became worse and for longer.

Now I have people in the apartments below me that know absolutely everything about me, like my account no., what I'm reading, what I bought, what I look at on the internet, even what I'm thinking. And the loud noise in my left ear will not go away maybe for five minutes after I wake up.

They yell abuse at me all night and every day even while I walk down the street I try to confront these people but there is no one there. I've tried to tell social workers and psych doctors but nothing happens or they call me crazy because I don't know the right way to explain it.

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Home of the Free
by: Anonymous

Home of the free is becoming a phrase from the past. The world today is evil in my opinion. I have been set-up to be a TI. I have worked hard in my life taking care of people. I am not perfect and had a rough upbringing which has lead me to make some bad choices in my life. I will answer to God for my mistakes nobody else. I have tried to correct my life always struggling to make it better. Unfortunately I have had some troubling relationships in my personal life which put me in positions of abuse. I have had to rely on the police for protection. I am trying to break the patterns. I help people all the time and have a huge heart. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to help a good person. I have been gang stalked at work, home, in public to the point of not knowing who to trust anymore. I have reached out to the police and got the impression that they think I am crazy for complaining or having to call on occasions. I have been threatened, harassed to the point of thinking that these perps wanted to kill me. When will it end. Who can you turn to I have no support the groups in my state say I am out of their district but they want me to go to a support group in a town where I am being threatened. I'm looking for online support please contact victimofpoverty@yahoo.com Need my freedom back.

by: Anonymous

Wow that is sad. Sorry

Stand up to them
by: Anonymous

Hi. I have been targeted for last 2 years that I know of,this year I lost my fear and stand up to them,smile and laugh at them as they drive past, I can have over 30 cars follow me all over the city, drive by the house all night, I have challenged them, stood on the road and waved them to stop, walked up one way streets hoping they will follow but don't. I've seen them follow my ex and daughter which is why I don't fear them in fact its other way around, I've no idea of their motive but have enough evidence now to charge at least 15 but nothing the police and courts do will do will match what they have put numerous people through, we need to stand up and fight and don't let the bastards ruin anyone else's life

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