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Bully Me But Not Everybody Else

So I'm a leadman at an airport and I've been having problems with an old guy. The first incident happened when I was throwing bags on the belt and he came to me and asked me about work policy. I explained. A few minutes after I tossed all the bags he started getting an attitude towards me and told me I'm a bad leader and nobody respects me.

I said ok. Now, after that it was a little weird. Then things cooled down.

Now here comes the second incident. I was sitting on are pushback he asked me another question work related about a co-worker of ours. I explained again. He then turns away, then starts screaming at me about how I'm going to make him quit and how I'm a bad lead and this and that. So I got up and walked away.

Now it's completely no communication. One day he took a picture of me working and sent it to my regional. I got written up the next day.

So tell me is he going after my job or is he trying to fire me.

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by: Anonymous

Take pictures of him while he's watching so he'll think he's being reported.

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