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Public Humiliation as Management Tool

by Marcel
(Wales, UK)

Lately our continuous improvements manager has been made up to a director, in this time he has placed boards throughout the plant with a list of all personnel's names on it working within each area. Whenever anyone makes a mistake or reject etc a yellow sticker is put besides the name. 3 yellows and you're in front of the manager, the boards are monitored daily and personnel are being made fun of by their work mates. It's become the topic of conversation. Is this bullying?

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Mellow yellow
by: Anonymous

Yes it is bullying. Cover all the boards with yellow stickers.

breach of confidentiality

I would call it bullying. If staff are making mistakes there may be all sorts of reasons for it, including possibly disability. it is not helpful to just highlight publicly errors without giving staff opportunity and support to address errors. Management should have procedures such as supervision and support etc.

Importantly Staff should have right to privacy and confidentiality highlighting their errors in this way is a breach of their confidentiality. Staff have a right to be informed in private of wrongdoing or failure to reach acceptable standards of performance. This may be a breach of contract. I would advise get employment advise from Union or ACAS.

public humiliation
by: Anonymous

What type of firm does that? This is no business; and I would suggest getting out FAST. put the resignation letter on yellow paper and hand it to whomever is in charge. No, I kid about the yellow paper. Let's show 'em what mature is.

Don't even wait for another job, because if you have any type of skill; you can do better anywhere. (even frying burgers in fast food)

This sounds like Colonial days when they made 'sinners' pay for their deeds with putting their head and hands in a device and staying in the public square. Or wearing a scarlet letter A as was done in The Scarlet Letter.

This is ridiculous! If there's so many making errors; there is poor communication and the biggest yellow sticker should go to management.

GET OUT FAST and don't besmudge your professional image by being treated like a child. Because that is the message they are sending. This is unbelievable! Leave with dignity. Give them resignation letter that says:
I am good and I'm going where my good work ethics are appreciated. Don't look back.

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