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The Postal Service Has Shown That They Are Above The Law

by Yolanda
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)

With Obama being in office now, maybe the law will apply to the USPS, it's harasser and allies.

Harassment without accountability at the USPS has gone on for too long. Obama promised change and to Renew America's Promise. Many people lost their lives because of the USPS not being held accountable for their harassing managers. Postal shooting is a direct result of the USPS not being held accountable and the courts ignoring the harassers actions.

Once your life has been taken from you for no cause of your own and the law is denied you; then your only choice is to take matters into your own hands. Now that Obama is in office maybe what we were taught in school about the law and it's protection and Martin Luther Kings' fight will restore justice for all including the harassed postal workers.

EEOC Judge Mimi M. Gendreau protected Jan Pebley by ignoring the fact that Pebley modified a written contract and then forced her victim to honor it, by verbally attacking her on the workroom floor.

District Court Judge Paul V. Gadola allowed US Assistant Attorney (Attorney for the Defendant) Nancy A. Abraham to forge a plaintiff's signature on a "Stipulation and Order to extend Discovery" Abraham submitted the stipulation 5 days after discovery ended, but someone rubber stamped it and wrote in the last day of discovery. To protect Abraham's career Gadola made the stipulation into a motion and granted it.

Equal protection under the law? Where at when you have people that are above the law? I pray that Obama cure this defect.

Comments for The Postal Service Has Shown That They Are Above The Law

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Justice Will Not Be Served
by: John Daly

Unfortunately, the Postal Service will never be held accountable for the last 25 years. Advertising is electronic, bills are direct pay, and people can send greetings via the internet. Never will they be accountable for the system that brutalized and harassed employees. It's almost traitorous to hide a job like that behind the American flag. Good riddance.

A grateful ex-mailman.

John Daly

Joke of a So-Called Judge
by: Anonymous

Mimi Gendreau is a joke. No case is ever investigated, the plaintiff's statements are always twisted and the Agency can do no wrong in her eyes. She does not care that postal managers and supervisors lie. To her they are the believable ones. The system is disgusting. How much does she make from favoring the Agency in every case??????

by: Anonymous

What will his presidency do to change things, such as workplace harrassment and bullying. He is more of the same.

contract cleaner is routinely abused
by: Anonymous

I started out as a rural carrier, downsized routes they asked me to be a cleaner because they couldn't keep one. eight years later and seven postoffices to take care of I have seen them come and go, but right now I have an INDIAN postmaster who hates women and especially cleaners, and wants to cut my contract in half for same amount of work, after taxes I make about $12.00 hour this is hard work, I never am able to take vacation, no benefits and he abuses and harasses us constantly, even tho I do a good job, my other postoffices love me. I cannot afford to dump this contract. Anybody have advice?

"Pushing Buttons" and bonding
by: Anonymous

Employees are not only the victims of postal bulling so are handicapped customers. It soon becomes a group effort and a form of social bonding. Finding humor with the handicapped needs to stop before more lives are silently lost.

USPS promotes harassment
by: Anonymous

USPS promotes harassment. They divide and conquer. They cover themselves so no one can produce all the evidence. Last year we had an employee who I believe was driven to suicide. Management doesn't care -- they just keep on harassing. They have the power to manipulate all the figures and turn everything around to make an employee look "disgruntled". Things have never been worse than now with the economy. They will never cut the top heavy worthless creeps who don't actually move the mail.

Twenty-Seven Years of the same
by: Anonymous

For all of my Postal Career, I have undergone nothing but sexual harassment followed by numerous EEO complaints, now being no exception. The Managers feel as if an employee does not coincide with their wishes, then they take steps to harass you to no end. I have been escorted out by Postal Police for no apparent reason, three times in less than one month, written up for no apparent reason, charged with AWOL, but have perfect attendance, stalked by the very person in charge of running the floor and constantly have my health put on the line by being forced to work in tight closed in areas, even though I have Asthma and Heart Disease. I am trying to hold out for another three years until I can retire if I can. If Sexual Advances are refused, then there is a very high price to pay.

Anderson, Indiana
by: Anonymous

A excellent supervisor was set up by upper level management. They claim he falsified the Parcel Count when every carrier will tell you that the count is estimated. Rumor has it that the "District" has said that it is going to FIX Anderson once and for all... How many lives are going to be ruined because of Upper Level Managements harassment and Bullying??? They are also forcing people with disabilities to work outside their restrictions...

by: Anonymous

When will our goverment, or the media, start investigating postal management bullying? (ie harrasment )

If you are not part of the "good ol' boys club", that being, you want nothing to do with sticking your nose up managments behinds, you, as a postal employee, are a target for big time harrasment.

Is there anyone out there that can help?

Loosing Battle
by: Anonymous

I have been reading about USPS harassment and it seems like we are in a loosing battle. Who will disciple those people that are "disciplining" us (carriers)? Try going to the union and it seems like they don't want to get involve in harassment cases. Try going to EEO and still ends up with nothing coz they are part of higher management. So where else to go?

electronic verbal abuse
by: 70 cent stamp

How can anyone win with judges paid by the po much less investigate harrassment when coworkers are scared of reprisal. I was subject to electronic harrassment there for years and nothing was said and the eeo has never went to court.

Stop USPS harassment
by: Anonymous

As long as you have a voice they will harass u,write u up for lies and its endless nonsense.They never investigate complaints nor do they make management accountable for their wreckless behavior. Who do u turn to because ive only seen slaps on the hand and they continue with the harrassment like its their job!

Post Master and Manager
by: Anonymous

We have a Manager at the (branch name) that actually was part of a drug buying ring in the postal workplace a few years ago. She went to jail got out and is now acting totally out of control and tries to harass and intimidate anyone that she can. Our lovely Postmaster supports her awful behavior and brags he isnt going to really work anymore now that he is a postmaster. The (branch name) is almost run by people with such low charachter and such terrible public records that it just feels like you are in an environment you would never want your children to be around.

I am being harrassed by the postal carrier.
by: Janet Conners

Our neighborhood postal carrier started driving down our sidewalk instead of the street. This has left tire tracks. I asked him to stop and he started screaming at me. After filing a complaint he stopped. Then he started parking in front of the house and staying there for a few minutes each day. All the while my three dogs are barking at him and tearing up the curtains, the wall and the front door. After this happened a few times I asked him to stop because of the dogs. He said he didn't give a damn about my dogs or me. He then screamed at me to get my trash white ass back in the house. I filed another complaint. Now I am afraid of retaliation from this man who knows exactly where I live and who I am.

by: Anonymous

someone needs to look into the bullying and harrasment thats going on within the postal service. Upper management is harrasing middle managment in hopes that they will retire or make a mistake so they can be fired. The post office has become a very unhealthy place to work, so many employees seeking help from Drs. These are employees who are very faithful to the post office.

Intentional ripping or bending my mail and magazines
by: Anonymous

I appreciate the comments. Now I understand bullies have usually been a victim. Since this postal group is "above the law" as stated, I guess my mail will continue to arrive torn, ripped and bent intentionally.

Racism is alive and well in the states and the worst form of terrorism is within not without. It is unfortunate that we are relegated to turning on ourselves ... The economy is tough but we don't have to take it out on one another.

bullying in the workplace
by: Anonymous

Too bad there can't be an undercover boss come into the USPS Plant and work for a few months to see how bad it really is and how much bullying, unrealistic expectations and intimidation there is. Micromanaging and discipline seems to be the preferred mgmt style and very little training is given. New supervisors or craft workers are set up to fail unless they are part of the good ole boys club.

Currently being harassed
by: Anonymous

Trickery and lies. Flat out whimsical in desguise...his lies. According to him the officer in charge..I expand almost everything but my route has gone uninspected for some five years..his supv. Sat in a car, read her a book...did not finish more than two hours, then lost all the paperwork..of course she called me in after I had returned from 2 weeks of annual and this is what I heard.." For the last 2 weeks all I've gotten (from my route) is complaints in the hundreds"! I let her go on because it was fun...I said thanks for confirming you are in fact dumb..(they transferred her)...he took over the mission on me and has removed me, tried to set me up, accused me of manipulating my LLV so it breaks down..(by pulling out fuses)..I'm a a female by the way..list goes on and on..letter of ...

by: Stiknmuv

I agree/relate to everything said so far. The grievance and EEO process are completely de facto. They give the appearance of a color of law procedure. In actuality they use it as a means of escaping liability. All angles, of both the grievance and EEO process, are bought paid and sold by the usps. So the same people that caused you the problem, are now offering you the solution? When you signed your name and took the oath, you agreed to this! The postal service was formed before the seat of government. It's actually a highly sophisticated system at the top, that serves other significant purposes relating to our citizenship. You can't fight what you don't know. WE as us postal servitude employees must educate ourselves, and stop beating our chest in their fictional fight, expecting justice from their fictional procedures! They'll let you bark up the wrong tree all day long, until it's not fun for them to hear you bark anymore. We have to deal with what's relavant.

Suicides in the Post Office
by: J

To think that we live in this so-called "free country" and that federal agencies (the post office) of this federal government are allowed to push employees to the point of ending their lives. Where is the caring and conscience of these people?

Life is too short and too precious for this to be happening in this country.

Post office management is a joke! My supervisor could not keep anything straight, lied to cover up her wrongdoing, falsified my postal forms, refused my forms for my absence and submitted her own and so much more.

I have a disability and reported an injury on my job and harassment toward me began and went on for 11 months until I was fired from my job of 20 years. I am now 67 years old. I am now indigent, living below the poverty level and lost everything I worked for for over 50 years. I was even living in my car and a tent for a while. To think I worked all my life and never had a problem on any job until I went to work for the post office. I liked my job but management made our lives miserable. I can't get a job anywhere. I come from a good family and never thought my life would end this way. I have tried to live a good life, don't smoke, don't drink and have never done drugs...and worked hard. It meant nothing and it took our federal government to ruin me.

I am from Illinois and have asked for a meeting with Senator Mark Kirk and if anyone cares enough to join me, please e-mail me at

I am also willing to go before Congress and I would think after reading about all these suicides and the terrible treatment in these post office that postal workers would band together and go with me.

I cannot believe that this federal government would allow bullying, intimidation, harassment (even toward employees with disabilities) to the point of them taking their lives.

This is outrageous in this country.

Doesn't anyone in this government care about the families of these employees who took their lives?

If you think this is bad now, think about 50 years down the road and how people in this country will be treated.

Please e-mail me.


Please Help
by: Anonymous

If any body is reading this I am being harassed on almost a day to day basis at this post office by shop Stewarts co workers and management I can seem to get any help threw the system , two days ago my supervisor refuse to let me out the office he was yelling ,screaming behind a closed door which he refused to let me out nudged me with his chest so I couldn't get out blocked the door and moved my hand off the door knob all in front of another supervisor. I begged him to let me out I had to go to the bathroom he refused. This happen because of a lie the shop steward and co worker told him. He never gave me a chance to speak he wouldn't listen to me. Please someone give me some advice what should do. There's so much more to this incident.

Fed up newbie
by: Anonymous

I have been a CCA carrier for two months. All through training, I heard nothing but negatives about the job. I thought it was all exaggeration but now I know it's the truth. The constant pressure of getting the mail done in unrealistic times is forcing me and others to jeopardize safety, ie speeding, rushing, it all forces mistakes. Some of the supervisors are downright bullying. I have never worked in such an environment. And I can't believe nothing is being done about it?

by: Anonymous

I have been with the P.O 27 yrs also injured on the job with restrictions for 6 it is truth too all who wrote and going through I now and past 6 yrs I feel your PAIN and hope to make it 7 more yrs to retire if we are still in business... might be better if really do go under

i read all previous comments
by: Anonymous

I worked 6 years at gmf Arizona and all these comments, stories sound true from my own observations... very sad.

Not Einsteins
by: Anonymous

Management is the definition of insanity by Einstein. They keep doing the same thing over n over again expecting to get a different result. I pray for everyone Peace on earth

They will always think they've won
by: Anonymous

I worked for USPS in 1992 to 1996, I am still at this time fighting for benefits because of the sexual harassment turned into sexual assault. I was a single mother. As I found out that's how the postmaster liked his postal clerks and carriers! (women) After the harassment started and because of PM's spitefulness I was injured on the job. I fought that claim for years before it was finally accepted but the sexual harassment continued. I had to work on a Sunday by myself that's when the PM came in drunk called me back to his office (no cameras) and sexually assaulted me! I kicked him in the groin sobered him up and he swore he would get even! It's been over 20 yrs and I'm still fighting for what the PM got for assaulting me. He continued at his job. Sexually assaulted 2 more women after I left, in which the postal service paid them to leave. I filed EEOC they settled with me. We mutually agreed to separate mine was not issued confidential never to talk about but I do know what they paid the other women. Of course the other women before me left on very scary advice from PM, one woman is still afraid of him. I am still fighting with workers comp.

by: Anonymous

i currently work at the tampa ldc after going through hell at the tampa pdc i fought for my job even after years i continued to fight to keep my job even today this is the 5th building i worked at the bullying/harassment/retaliation continues now its gotten even worse everywhere i go im harassed by the post office for nothing more than coming into work everyday and trying to get the job done im not part of the good ole boy club that goes on. even with all of my co workers and management harassing me/mocking me/following me/threatening me/employees threatening me/post office following me in and out of work spying on me inside my home. i feel threatened for my job and every time i file a complaint i have it turned on me and used against me for doing what they instructed me to do file a complaint i get retaliated against by my co workers union and management. throughout the whole process ive noticed the post office makes shady deals with people for cooperation. paying off judges, paying off employees, etc never thought that such a brand name company would ever do this there employees i wanted to believe this company stood for something but through my years at the post office i feel the pain those postal employees felt when they committed suicide. all i ever did was try and do the customer right by getting there mail there as soon as possible and through the whole process felt as it was never enough the blood sweat and tears Ive put into trying to keep the customers happy has been a failed effort. as i read through the list of people of who went postal, suicide the toll it took on their families is incredible i hate to see it. but as long as they allow this to happen it will continue they let there management do whatever they want with or without contract or with law or without with or without evidence. Ive spent many years being retaliated against. what most people don't understand you have to work their and be bullied or discriminated against to know what is and what they do.

Bullying & Harassment at the USPS
by: Anonymous

It goes on day after day. You do your job in the evaluated time, but it is never good enough. Our station manager micromanages and in our station none of the supervisors are competent, because he never lets them learn how to do their job properly or he overrules their decisions. Subs fight with each other rather than banding together, because management pits them against each other and won't follow the matrix guidelines for filling vacant routes on a daily basis, unless it suits them. People who are "in the good graces" can get their leave approved, but those who "aren't" get turned down on a continual basis even if it means a sub gets a day off and a regular works.

If you get injured - god forbid - you are labelled a criminal or that you did it on purpose. Yes, everyone wants to be injured and in pain. Then you are investigated, punished and harassed till they get you back to full duties, even if you aren't healed. If you move to another station the harassment may continue. Each station runs on its own rules, rather than each one running exactly as the one down the street. This creates a hostile work environment when one group is bullied, written up etc. for certain things that might be done, yet in another office doing the same thing is encouraged.

Sadly I am in the midst of this hurricane with no relief in sight. Only a few more years to retire, yet in many ways I wish I had stayed a sub. At least then you could get a day off once a week, since they didn't want to pay overtime. As a regular you get paid only the evaluated and many times you have to work your day off. Over the past 4 years on a K or 5 day route I have gotten about 1/4 of my actual days off. I don't see it getting better.

As things in the PO get worse publicly, the management gets worse. Our office is fairly small, open from 8:30 to 6:30 pm. Yet we have a station manager and 4 supervisors. Not sure what they do all day while the carrier's are out. If you call to report something no one answers the phone, oft times they are nowhere to be found in the office. They talk about all the money spent, but if they got rid of the extra management and had more clerks and carrier's the frontline people who actually do the job they would find that money would be saved.

by: Rosemary Garity

My federal Court case can be reviewed. It is 2:11-cv-01805-MMD-CWH. Also cases against the Union on appeal at the ninth circut 2:11-cv-01109-PMP-CWH. Cases involved the usual forced psychiatric exam, lockdown with no threat, mobbing, wrongful termination, etc.
The department of justice has their priority as eliminating workplace discrimination and bullying except if the government is the one doing it, then they defend them. The head of H.R. has admitted that discrimination is not considered in promotions and US attorneys office agreed that only Donahoe is liable. the Union president and shop steward helped in the wrongful termination.
I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the EEOC and federal court based on my knowledge. My e-mail is and my telephone is 775-751-3374.
I am happy to share the deposition testimony that shows discrimination is promoted.
We need to figure out a way for employees to join together to stop the devastating abuse.

Sexual harassment and retaliation USPS
by: Anonymous

I am sicken by all the comments. I know they are all true. I am a victim of sexual harassment and retaliation. I spoke up my locker was vandalized heavy equipment was pushed in front of the ladies room door and supervisor's did there best to set me up along with the union. I continue to stand up even now for the those who cant fight for themselves. I look forward to taking myself along with another victim down to our senators office along with tons of documents. You all should do the same. Every post office along with management, union, inspectors and please let me not forget eeo. Enough is Enough. Even now the union along with management there really isn't much difference between the 2. The postal service treats there employees like trash. Everyday I have a pad and pen with me.

Not much difference between union and management
by: Anonymous

The union is totally all about themselves. They pick and choose who they will represent. They work with management to divide and conquer the workroom floor. Just last week another employee told on another employee to a shop steward. The shop steward came out onto the work floor and told the supervisor to write up a fellow employee that also is a union member. The shop steward then said if you don't write her up Ill get a witness statement. This union also tried to set me up not once but twice to be thrown out of the building by management. Thank God there were witnesses that came to my defense. I trust no one. Please note I believe in unions just not corrupt unions.

Tax payers money
by: Anonymous

Each time an eeo is filed or goes to an hearing the tax payers and the victims pays for the managements lawyer fees. Amazing. This is just great for all sexual harassers. The victims not only have to pay for their own lawyer you get to pay for the man that is sexually harassing you. It really is time for accountability at the postal service. I look forward to change.

Small minds
by: Anonymous

Bad management is everywhere at the post office! They were never much successful at anything. Always a want to be but never to be, but want to prove they are something or somebody now! Most of them do not know how to direct the power they have and become bullies themselves after being bullied in their life In General. How the evil world and tables turn. Just goes to show how small minds make big problem for everyone with their immature actions!

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