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Will They Let Me Live?

I am being mobbed everywhere, it's affecting my life at large. I have lost 6 jobs for mobbing. Now the 7th one is in danger. I need legal help. If I go for attorney, will it cost a lot to me? Can I represent myself?

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Legal Not Answer
by: Lizzy NJ

Mobbing in six places of employ and now on your 7th job and same happening? You fail to give all the story. What is your occupation? Do not ask; should you seek legal to help you, or can you represent yourself with those who 'mob' you. (I'm not sure what you call mobbing)

You don't tell me how many years you were in each firm before you had to leave or were told to leave.

Taking your nemesis (enemies) before a judge won't change them. A monetary reward won't change your difficulties either. If all jobs where you have difficulty is in same occupation (basically) you need to get yourself NEW training for a NEW job. (IF indeed you want to work steadily)

If you do not like working with others; find employ where you can work alone. Taxi driver, Limo Driver, Web Site Creator, Work as a waiter where there are customers in plain site and you are 'safe', (or waitress if you are female) Work in a one boss one assistant office, Work as a delivery driver with your own car (solo)

If YOU want to work… CHANGE your own life and leave the justice TO God with regards those who give a hard time.

by: Anonymous

Find a way to work online. Cut the bullies out of the picture for good.

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