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Mail Carrier Stealing My Mail

by all4email
(Far Rockaway, NY)

I have been complaining about my mail carrier, who has been returning and stealing my mail for a number of years. I wrote letters to the Councilmen, Congressman, Dept. of Justice, NYC Public advocate, and the postmaster; I received no response. This is pure rasicum, the mail carrier is also a neighbor, the post office is refusing to change his assignment to a different post office. Also this is not is first time stealing a persons mail.

MAIL TAMPERING IS A FEDERAL CRIME. This man should be in jail! Why is he able to continue his RACIAL INJUSTICE? I refuse to move; as did his last neighbor.

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what a shame to have someone working for you and give you a bad name
by: Anonymous

its so shameful for a mail carrier to be stealing from the mail. I had a mail carrier going in my mail to. it was hard for me to believe that was going on. I mailed mail to myself just to see would it come back to me resealed and it did. I reported that mail carrier and nothing was done. that mail carrier started knocking on my apartment door and writing on my mail after I report her, I had to move/ when I read about a mail carrier was shot on the job I believe they were going in someone mail and the person just went off.

will not fire
by: Anonymous

My mail carrier harressed my mother-in-law the last few years of her life. We live right behind her and the day we buried her she stopped and my husband told her she had passed. She then stopped the mail even though my husband's name was on both the savings and checking account. The mail is only held for 10 days and then sent back but we caught what she had did in time and went down with the will to have her mail sent to our house. I found out she still refused to delivery as she said the proper paperwork had not been filled out but higher ups told her she better. Now she haresses us. She has actually been in a grocery store yelling at my husband and calling him a f---ing stalker. Does no good when you report all the things she has done. I found out that another resident has filed a protection order against her so she can no longer delivery their mail

With technology today
by: Anonymous

You have every right to set up a pinhole web cam that can prove he is stealing your mail. He doesn't have to know that your doing it. This will allow you to handle the situation legally and logistically will put you in control of the situation. Pinsize cameras cost less than 25.00 and are easy to install. I will my situation was this easy to deal with. Then you can take it to an attorney, law enforcement even the news or better yet shame him on YOUTUBE. That has been a big thing these days..

Postermaster in Verona PA refuses to investigate reported mail theft
by: Anonymous

I just discovered that my mail is being sent back as non-existent address when I've lived here 23 years. Bank statements are also being sent back. When I called for replacements, they never came either, and for some odd reason, no mail at all was delivered to my home on the day they were to arrive. Postmaster said I should have received a weekly newspaper that day but it was not delivered. This is how I know the carrier is lying and stealing my mail - she lied and said she delivered it. Nope. She's lying, and the postmaster is protecting her...says carrier will be fired, so she's not addressing this issue. Postmaster brushes this crime off with flippant cracks like,
that would never happen, someone else is stealing your mail (to which I replied, why would someone steal a weekly flyer when they are in every one elses mailbox), Im wrong - end of story. USPO consumer advocate said to report to OIG and they won't take the case. More SHAM departments for pork gov. employees to collect paychecks under the white hating obamma regime.

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