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Haunted Offices And Streetes In Penza, Russia

Dear foreign friends, I just want you to know the truth about what happens to me in my native city Penza, Russia. It is a nightmare, le cauchemar, ein

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No Help

I got a divorce four years ago and found I could not support myself on my income of Disability Social Security. I have Anxiety and PTSD. I went through

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Virginia Grams Bullied At Work And On Facebook

I have been coping with flu. Had to leave several times to go to doctor. One episode was so bad I thought I was going to die. My inhaler helped me no relief

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My Little Fighter

It started in the fifth grade in late May when I noticed that she was unusually depressed. I found out that she had been bullied for being Native American-Irish

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Child Author Overcomes Bullying

Brenden, a 10 year old, kind hearted boy who enjoys watching Joel Osteen on Sunday Mornings was a victim of bullying. Read this tender empowering story

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Serious Threats

My son is in the fourth grade and yesterday a classmate told him at lunch that he was going to shoot my son between the eyes with a pistol and in the side

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Solution 1 for Workplace Mobbing

In all honesty, I don’t think it is advisable to stay in a job where you are being mobbed. People will advise you to stick it out and fight. Some will

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Disappearing Apps and What Parents Need To Know

Understanding The World Of Disappearing Apps - Disappearing messaging and social media apps and what parents need to know.

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No More Bullies - More Self Confidence

My daughter is 10 years old and has been being bullied since she was 8. Before bullies, she was a sweet, bright, confident little girl. After the bullying

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The Ultimate Understanding Of What A Bully Is

What is a BULLY? Plain and simple; A bully is one who uses manipulation and / or intimidation to make another do a wrong or think a wrong idea. The best

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Bullied At Work By Maintenance

I'm a person that keeps to herself at work. I'm a pharmacy tech and have been bullied for the 8 months I've been working there. I decided to let my supervisors

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Attending Physician Employed By Hospital

I expressed my opinion regarding a restructuring in a meeting where administrator, union representatives and staff were present. I was concerned that the

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Corporate Mobbing

Hi my story begun two years ago. Before that I used to receive rewards and good performance evaluations. On 2014 I had a new manager she arrived to her

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Backstabbed By A Female Coworker Using "Sex" Card

I’m a male, working at a nuclear power plant where we have two refueling outages a year. These outages last about 30 days and during this time we do all

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Bullied For Being Trans

This situation involved with me being in a religious school and being transgendered as well. I didn't like being in the school I was in since I didn't

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Bored Men Are Trouble

We have an old man across the street that acted friendly when we first bought our house and moved in. He told us he and his spouse had lived on the street

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From Toronto to Halifax Gangstalking

I was also targeted in Toronto, Ontario after I was arrested and sent to the 52nd division station. At that station is the first time I was subjected to

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Gang Stalking In Greece

I'm experiencing constant 365/24/7 gang stalking and street theatre for 13 years in Greece coordinated by the police. My criminal record is absolutely

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Disabled Pensioner Bullied By Neighbour

I am a disabled pensioner and am seriously bullied by my neighbour who is a TEACHER. He has done everything to me from planting lavender bushes against

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I'm convinced gays are spearheading the gang stalking movement. They get other gays and straight people following you around by posting on the net that

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Frenemy In The Teachers Lounge

I started a new job this year at a school I had been subbing at. I was excited to work with kids and meet potential friends. I've lived in a new city for

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Age Discrimination/"Too Old For Retail"

My manager does not speak to me at all. I was not trained properly on the computer. I clean the bathroom and the shop every day I go in. My hours have

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Big Bad Bully Wolf

I search hi and low almost everyday for answers, not for why people bully, but why when the person who can do something doesn't. My story has played out

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Bullying As An Behavioral Equation

My daughter and her classmates get a cookie with their lunch tray each day. Last week a known bully was telling everyone she didn't get one and trying

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