What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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What Every Target Of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know

Workplace Bullying Target? Find Out What You Need To Know Today To Effectively Deal With Workplace Bullying Before Your Career, Your Health,and Your Life is Destroyed.

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Stress Management In The Workplace

Stress management in the workplace is an important issue, as work stress affects more than 65% of working adults.

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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is all too common and is one of the more destructive forms of bullying at work.

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Harassment At Work

Harassment at work can take many forms, from demanding bosses to unfair work policies to unwanted sexual advances.

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Well You Chose To Have Him So...

I am a teacher. I have been for 15 years. I have worked in many places and have a lot of experience. I finally get to work alongside a close coworker

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Phone Stalking!

Hello everyone, I found a HOOKER number. I called her some days ago but we didn't meet. It was for FUN to speak over SMS. That's it. Then she invited me

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Organized Stalking - A Real Crime

I am from Canada (Toronto). I am experiencing community stalking (24/7 covert surveillance). I believe it started back in 2015 but I could very well be

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I Think I May Have Become Targeted

I think I've been isolated by these people, healthcare professionals and police. Suddenly people cough when they pass me by, start laughing, or pick a

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Who Are The Gang Stalkers?

I am a victim of community mobbing and covert harassment for over 18 years. I was accused of the murder of a Air Force pilot I agreed to take a polygraph

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Conflicted About Leaving Toxic Workplace

Recently I was dx with an illness that altered my ability to perform certain task associated with my job. My doctor placed me on some restrictions while

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Gang Stalking in a Third World Country

I have been gang stalked... I work in a public university in Central America. I couldn't realize what was going on... then I found the Gang Stalking definition.

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Gang Stalked By Halifax Police

This is what Hitler did in the war. It was in 2013 that I learned that the police in Halifax were having me stalked. They put people in my apartment building.

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Older Worker Among Young Bullies

Since I moved to my present location I have been a victim of bullying. I never had it so bad before. Maybe, my mind just didn't grasp the reality of a

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The Stress Vitamin Connection

Nutritionists and doctors recognize a stress vitamin connection and the role vitamins play in stress management.

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Bullying Is Rife. If Not In Union No One Helps.

I worked in a private children's nursery for 10 years. I was a very popular member of staff with the children parents and staff. After 8 years the manager

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Survivor With God Getting All The Glory!

Gang-stalked in Seattle, Scranton, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Florida, and worst of all in Crossville, Tennessee. Churches, businesses, doctors, schools and

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Not Crazy From Gang Stalking Yet

While far from religious I am being gang stalked and have been for 18 months. I still have a hard time understanding why people wish to make a career out

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Disgusted With School Sweeping Bullying Under The Carpet

It just won't STOP. I feel useless. I went to the school, Valley Park's principle and they shoved it under the carpet. I have had to put my daughter in

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Internet Trolls: Bullying In The Electronic Age

Internet trolls have become a major issue with the advent of social media and can cause serious emotional trauma.

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Hypervigilance Is Often Misdiagnosed As Paranoia

Hypervigilance is a real, misunderstood effect of an ongoing traumatic experience often misdiagnosed as paranoia.

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Women France Gang Stalking Author Book "Gang Stalking"

Thank to people USA for tell in WWw. Since complain about zyprexa who dead m'y sister on saint Valentin 2001. Do have ho life normal, 16 years whit lot

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Teenage Suicide Prevention Through Bullying Prevention

How much would teenage suicide prevention improve by reducing both bullying and the effect of bullying on targets?

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Complex PTSD: The Unseen Side Effect of Workplace Bullying

Complex PTSD is an often missed effect of prolonged traumatic experience like sexual abuse or workplace bullying.

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So Much Disturbing Behavior Around Me

Drilling right above me, on my floor beside me for 14 weeks every morning can be deemed as nothing less than pure torture. I am here 24 hours a day, except

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