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An Office Politics Article From Business Management Daily

Manage Office Politics… very good office politics article. Office politics isn't always 'dirty' / good politics is one where all workers work in cooperative

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I was injured in 2009 and taken off work in 2010 after losing my memory and other symptoms. My employer's HR immediately began a campaign of harassment

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Word "Bullying" And Answer Is Found In Unlikely Spot

FOUND this which is the essence to decent society: NOTE THAT WORD mentioned EVEN 2000 years ago! -- Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear

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What Bullying Did To Me

My first experience with 'bullying' I didn't even know it was 'bullying' … It was 1993; a small 'trade' shop (ok; specifically printing) I was in the graphic

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Know 'The Game'

COMPLAINERS / GRIPERS! … it starts out as innocent and somewhat harmless; a little 'complaining' of something that could have been better… BUT … be wary

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Helpful University Resource

Last year the University of Newcastle in Australia promoted a respectful and collaborative workplace initiative aimed at preventing workplace bullying

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The Black Avenger

For 21 years, I was a target of on the job racial harassment that turned into uncontrollable bullying that forced me out of a job and a forfeiter of my

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I've Been Told My A Little Girl That Her Mum Hates Me

My daughter has a best friend who was invited to her birthday party. When I asked why she couldn't come she replied that her mum hates me and she wasn't

Continue reading "I've Been Told My A Little Girl That Her Mum Hates Me"

Mail Carrier Stealing My Mail

I have been complaining about my mail carrier, who has been returning and stealing my mail for a number of years. I wrote letters to the Councilmen, Congressman,

Continue reading "Mail Carrier Stealing My Mail"

Childish Behavior of Workplace Bully, Mailhandler

We have a Mailhandler in his 50's that thinks he can intimidate by driving by on his forklift and give me nasty looks. He will speed by without blowing

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Being harassed cause I'm looked at as a SATANIC WORSHIPPER really when what I believe in is completely the opposite.

Continue reading "Pagan"

Third Grade Teacher

I was a highly esteemed teacher who everyone respected and parents loved having their child in my class. When I talked at meetings or at the lunch table,

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Caught In A Knot

I am the target of a bully who knows she is behaving badly but believes it is her right. Although she has had formal written complaints from clients, management

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Harassment At Job

I am currently working at a job for 11 months as a receptionist. The day girl who does the work is harassing me. It's not severe bullying but I don't like

Continue reading "Harassment At Job"

Mobbed and Bullied at Work

I highly recommend the ebook available on this site: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know. I have not entirely read the book nor the

Continue reading "Mobbed and Bullied at Work"

Big Brother With Learning Disabilities Being Harassed At Work

I am sharing this—it's not actually myself (I would stand up to bullies) who is suffering from workplace bullying, but my big brother who has quite substantial

Continue reading "Big Brother With Learning Disabilities Being Harassed At Work"

Hospital Bullying Hell

Worked at same hospital for 31 years. Never had any problems with other staff, patients or relatives until last 4 years in Hell. New, FULLY INCOMPETENT

Continue reading "Hospital Bullying Hell"

Why I Don't Believe In God And The American Educational System

The first time I was bullied, was in elementary school. I was bullied because I was overweight and not very athletic, because I have difficulties losing

Continue reading "Why I Don't Believe In God And The American Educational System"

When Work Becomes A War Zone

I have been at my current job for over 9 years. Last fall a new Director was hired and she has waged war against quite a few white female employes. She

Continue reading "When Work Becomes A War Zone"

Conflict With Male Coworker

I'm not sure if this is bullying or a personality conflict between me and a younger male coworker. He joined the team I'm on 15 months ago. I worked very

Continue reading "Conflict With Male Coworker"

Workplace Bullying Books

Workplace Bullying Books to help you understand the danger to individuals, departments and entire companies and what you can do about it.

Continue reading "Workplace Bullying Books"

The Abominable Bullymen

I worked for eight years being bullied. At the interview, the bully asked my interviewer, his boss, if I was going to get his work. He immediately thought

Continue reading "The Abominable Bullymen"

I Wouldn't Believe It Myself, But It's Real

This starts out rather strange. I am a psychiatric provider, meds, evals, 15 year clinical experience. I answered a job application with the areas largest

Continue reading "I Wouldn't Believe It Myself, But It's Real"

I Thought I Was Back In High School, But It Was Worse

I had always enjoyed good relationships with co-workers and even better, I had always worked in places where everyone like everyone else. No one was excluded.

Continue reading "I Thought I Was Back In High School, But It Was Worse"

Workplace Bullying Snake Pit

The small bathroom remodelling company where I work looks normal from the outside, but on the inside its a place where the older employes or company snakes

Continue reading "Workplace Bullying Snake Pit"

Bullying and Mobbing... A Different Approach

I work for a municipality as an industrial mechanic. My workgroup consists of eleven people, typically working in pairs in the field and our group is removed

Continue reading "Bullying and Mobbing... A Different Approach"

Working Has Become Political

I am getting the gist; today's work a day world is all about being astute to others and self and being politically smart in order to stay employed. How

Continue reading "Working Has Become Political"

Professional Interview Questions

As found on 'The Daily Muse' ... these questions may make or break your interview. 51 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking One of my problems with

Continue reading "Professional Interview Questions"

Bullied By Nursing Assistant And Nursing Administration

I have been working as a nurse in New York for the past 8 years. For the past 5 years I had been bullied by some of the nursing assistants, one more so

Continue reading "Bullied By Nursing Assistant And Nursing Administration"

Succinct Advice

The world (my nation; any nation) has EVIL always part of ANYTHING that is GOOD OR CAN BE GOOD. EVIL ROAMS seeking whom to 'devour' (bring to it's side).

Continue reading "Succinct Advice"

Kid And His Mom Accuse My Brother Of Bullying

I'm not exactly a mother but I got the description. I'm in year 8 and arguably the smartest kid in school. My brother and a group of friends were accused

Continue reading "Kid And His Mom Accuse My Brother Of Bullying"

Picking Sides

The bullying I experienced at my office was partly my fault. I am on the autism spectrum and behavior that would be a red flag for most people is not so

Continue reading "Picking Sides"

How to Educate Society in General About Workplace Bullies

So you have been bullied and YOU do know it. What is most frustrating is that of NOT being believed. Your boss doesn't believe your words, your co-workers

Continue reading "How to Educate Society in General About Workplace Bullies"

This Time I Give First Name

It's been 4 years unemployment. The last position was THE WORST in terms of having to endure a bully co-worker, with an office and title (but I did not

Continue reading "This Time I Give First Name"

Dangers of Obessed Cyber Bullies

To my surprise workplace holds many various areas of company culture. It can be office, business, vendors, colleagues and a mirage of other named work

Continue reading "Dangers of Obessed Cyber Bullies"

Just Shut Down

I have been at the same company for five years and I really don't know how I hung on so long. My first manager was fired for not doing his job, and the

Continue reading "Just Shut Down"

Successfully Sued Bullying Employers

I was subjected to corporate bullying for years in a small company. The office manager took a dislike to me as I was seen as extremely competent in my

Continue reading "Successfully Sued Bullying Employers"

Just Leave My 13 Year Old Son Alone Already!

My son is 13. Very nice respectable kid and just as any other 13 year old kid can get on your nerves from time to time. At 13, he has a small build, is

Continue reading "Just Leave My 13 Year Old Son Alone Already!"

Pretty Sad To Think...

I work for a very large company in Upstate NY. I witnessed something very disturbing one day when I pulled in. There was a manger out in the parking lot

Continue reading "Pretty Sad To Think..."

CEO Targeted and Terminated

I was formerly the CEO of a healthcare association with an operating budget of $1.4 million and 11 staff. During the six and a half years of my employment,

Continue reading "CEO Targeted and Terminated"

Cashier Harassed and Humiliated

My experience is bad, I have only been there for 1 month. I and others are made to clean toilets with bare hands. When I refused the supervisor told me

Continue reading "Cashier Harassed and Humiliated"

Religious Bullying of Atheists Continuing Threat

Thankfully, we are seeing signs of change as those who self-identify as non-religious are on the upswing. Easy access to information on the web, especially

Continue reading "Religious Bullying of Atheists Continuing Threat"

Religious Bullying of Atheists

Religious Bullying of Atheists is a Widespread and Disturbing Problem. Contribute your religious bullying story and get advise and feedback and help others who may be going through a similar situation.

Continue reading "Religious Bullying of Atheists"

Help For Workplace Bullying Targets | What Every Target Of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know

Workplace Bullying Target? This information is for you. Let's look at some of the consequences of bullying at work on you and your family and then find out how you can learn more about stopping the bullies in their tracks and start getting your life back!

Continue reading "Help For Workplace Bullying Targets | What Every Target Of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know"

Thrown Under The Bus By Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass | Workplace Bullying

Thrown Under The Bus: The Rise And Fall Of An American Worker by Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass tells her story of a workplace bullying nightmare.

Continue reading "Thrown Under The Bus By Teresa Zerilli-Edelglass | Workplace Bullying"

Failed College Student

There is a guy who makes it his personal goal to make everyone's life at work miserable because he did not graduate college. He would rather spend time

Continue reading "Failed College Student"

Therapist (as in Counseling Psychology)

My story begins in 1988 and continues in every position I have ever held regardless of my rank, position, or duties. I have been an Executive Director,

Continue reading "Therapist (as in Counseling Psychology)"

Thought I Was Working In The Twilight Zone

Just recently I was bullied on the job by a person who daily remind me that she had been there 17+ years at the company. I was shunned and cut out of the

Continue reading "Thought I Was Working In The Twilight Zone"

Christian Movie

I used to wait tables at a little cafe. When The Passion of the Christ came out, a female customer badgered me one whole afternoon to see the movie.

Continue reading "Christian Movie"

Workplace Bullying (No One Believes Me)

After my mother died, I found a new job on my birthday which enables me to start fresh and forgot about my unhappy lost of my mother. However, I meet these

Continue reading "Workplace Bullying (No One Believes Me)"



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