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Workplace Bullies Hone In On Those With Social Anxiety And Depression

Hi, I have been bullied in most of my jobs for over 20 years, at age 42 now and am ashamed of myself. For years I have suffered social anxiety and depression

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Co-worker With Low Self Esteem

I started to work with this woman who appeared nice on the outside but was a rotten apple on the inside! She was a supervisor and totally obsessed with

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Forced To Quit

I am highly skilled and have a strong work ethic. I accepted a job and was promised it was a friendly environment. Instead it was catty and cutthroat.

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They're Going To Kill Me!

It started about 6 years ago. I work with one of the biggest retail stores in the world with an excellent reputation. I was hired as a manager for a dept.

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Small Group Bible Study Leaders Are Bullying

I had just been invited to join a small group bible study by a neighbor who is the leader of this group, sponsored by a church. I did not realize that

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Joy And Peace

JOY AND PEACE!! JOY; by dictionary definition is: great pleasure and happiness. I have been ousted from a few places of employ after MANY years of service

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Everyone Hang In There. Now Is Your Chance.

I work for an institution that has tried to show it's employees They Are Above The Law. And while (In my case at least). It is not the institution itself

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Bullied I/T Coordinator

I am the I/T (Computer) Coordinator at my work. My former boss retired leaving me the only strictly computer employee at my office. The company execs,

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No Disciplinary Action Taken Against Three Culprits

I work for a company on a government building. One night I was in on overtime (escorting sub-contractors) on another building, when I went into the workshop

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About Sensitivity

I'm a romantic. Bullying made me question how other people perceive me. A strict family, a musician's sensitivity, a charismatic religion, uncertain future

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Nextdoor Neighbor Bullying My Son

I'm in total shock to the whole situation as I write this... and I am needing a bit of advice. Please don't judge me, I am just looking for a little guidance

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The Rich Principal's Daughter

It all started in year 8 and by the way I'm the child. I am in year 8 and I have had to face bullying. This really snobby, rich girl is also the daughter

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He Just Wanted To Go To School

My son just began middle school. I have apprehension about this school because my daughter had gone there and was bullied. But he really wanted to go,

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Everyone Everywhere

I've used this web site many years ago. It helped me express myself and be heard. My story is one of success, but not without it's ill effects. I managed

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Bullied/ Intimidated By Very Large Co-Worker

I have an extremely large co-worker. He is very intimidating. Though he only started working at my employment a few weeks ago, he has already begun to

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There's Got To Be A Better Way!

It's been years since I have used this site to get me through a difficult time. I'm happy to tell you that I survived my bullying experience, but not without

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Gangstalking With Spraying Chemicals And Electronic Harassment

Hello there. About 3 weeks ago I started getting gangstalked and the spraying of chemicals in Jamestown, North Dakota. I live in a place called the sro

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From Teaching Post In High School To Non-Teaching Post In Office

I was working in a production department as a senior technician for about 17 years . Then on a/c of medical compassionate ground and urgent requirement

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It's Happening All Over Again

I was bullied severely as a child. I went to a catholic school and you know the rest... My son is currently enrolled at a Montessori School. He's being

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Kaedn's Story

My six year old has recently been bullied he is ADHD and autistic he tried to commit suicide on the 20th and now he is in a psychiatric ward. We have we

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Bullying Has Turned Me Into A Walking Time Bomb

I just moved to a country and from day one into this country it's been a living hell for me. I married and got abused by my husband day and night and to

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Nothing I Do Works!

My daughter has been bullied since K and is now in 5th grade. I have done it all to help my child it seems no matter what school I put her in these kids

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Bullying Boss That Is A Physician

This doctor constantly yells at her staff. It is only four of us and she yells at me the most. She would start an argument with me over any little thing.

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Remember P.E.S.T. Control

This is not psychological tactic; if done purely from the standpoint of mind and control of another; it will be seen through. The first ingredient to

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