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Predictable Bullies

You can predict bullies in most cases only if you don't report them to HR or management. As soon as you tell HR, the bullies will start changing their

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My Daughter Was Raped And Bullied Into Silence

My daughter age 16 has just revealed she was raped a year ago. The person who has done this to her has bullied her to the point she is afraid to tell.

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Dedication And Loyalty Only To Be Betrayed!

I am so sorry for what everyone else has had to deal with in the stories I have read. I am a sensitive person so many times I am so saddened by how brutal

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Am I Being Bullied Or Do I Overreact?

So this might be a little long however I need some advice to know that I am not overreacting. I started at a company a while ago and what I loved most

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Customer Service At A Grocery Store In Arizona

I am a grandma really working at this grocery store in a courtesy clerk situation for a number of years; almost 19 years. Lately the new managers are getting

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Straight Outta College

So I went to college for 4 years studying hospitality. At age 22 I graduated and was ready to step into adult hood. After I left my first job of 8 months

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We Just Heard The Awful Truth

Our son is home from college and just told us the devastating news that he was bullied in Middle School and we missed it. An only child, he always had

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Don't Stay In A Toxic Workplace Out Of Fear: Opportunities Are Out There

I had been with the same company for the past 14 years. The pay was never great, but years ago it was a fun place to work. The staff all treated each other

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Dealing With Gangstalking

I have been bullied or stalked for my whole or most of my life because of coke and I have not even touched the drug. When I was 5 or 6 my mother was thrown

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Coworker From Hell

I am a Research Associate at a small company in Maryland. It's a Contract Research Organization in the biologics field. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a

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Understanding What Is Really Happening

Here is my story. Life was going pretty good for me. Nothing out of the ordinary. There was a single guy living next door to me, who I was pretty good

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The Bully And The Damage

My story, unfortunately, is told on behalf of my daughter. In January 2017 I removed my daughter from the Educational system, within 4 months of her starting

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I Cannot Be Controlled

Basically, I am being bullied because I am difficult to control. I cannot devote the time I would like to devote to this church because of responsibilities

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Management Bully Has Taken Away A Major Part Of Me

Can someone out there help me I have been dealing with my demons of workplace bullying? This has gone on for a long time but I can not get on with my life

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Transfer To Hell

When a new regime took over recently they began closing offices and firing employees from the top down. My office closed and I was transferred. The first

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There Is A Common Sense Answer To Workplace Bullying

It's been awhile since I wrote on this site. I have shared many a story of 'my experiences' in the business world and yes... the constant haranguing, taunting,

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Ulcer At 11 From Bullying To Dedicating My Life To Help Others

My name is Robert, and I am extremely passionate about teaching kids and adults on how to defend themselves against BULLYING. And this is why... let me

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Bullied For Her Size

My little girl is into her fifth week in reception and is being bullied by other kids in her class because she is very small for age... 5 years. She is

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Bully Me But Not Everybody Else

So I'm a leadman at an airport and I've been having problems with an old guy. The first incident happened when I was throwing bags on the belt and he came

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Small Town Further Out Feeling Lost

My younger brother is being harassed emotionally, physically, and possibly electronically by another student he is in incurably close proximity with on

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Depressed Due To Demeaning Workplace Bully

There's a 58 year old man in my team. I'm about 20 years younger than him and make more than him (found out when he asked me how much I make and by the

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My Right To Feel Safe At Work

I started a new job after getting back on my feet due to a life threatening situation in my family. In the first couple of months I had no issues with

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Different Types of Bullying And How They Can Affect Us

Types of bullying can include both the place that the bullying occurs and the actual form the bullying takes.

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High School Bullying And What Can Be Done For Targets

High school bullying is a real problem, but it is generally one of the most misunderstood types of bullying.

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