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Bystander Sees Sweet, Smart, Hard-Working Coworker Bullied At Work

I just feel incredibly bad for a woman at my job. She is the sweetest person and the go-to person for questions. I don't know what to do to help because

Continue reading "Bystander Sees Sweet, Smart, Hard-Working Coworker Bullied At Work"

A Young Nurse Deals With Workplace Bullying

Hello Fellow Readers, I have only been a nurse for 5 years as an EN and I have never been bullied in my life till I started nursing. I was actually shocked

Continue reading "A Young Nurse Deals With Workplace Bullying"

Workplace Bullying In A Medical Clinic

Really need some help! I work at a medical clinic. I am doing work experience at my job, where I volunteer my hours for free and I've been working for

Continue reading "Workplace Bullying In A Medical Clinic"

I'm Worried to Tears, for My Daughter :'(

My Daughter is 9 years old. She has a Beautiful, Caring and Forgiving Heart. I Love You just as much as God Loves You.. That has been our saying, between

Continue reading "I'm Worried to Tears, for My Daughter :'("

Bullying At The Church

I was a newcomer to my local church and everything was fine to start with. I had only been going to church for a short while, having been invited to go

Continue reading "Bullying At The Church"

Part III Connect The Dots

So; as I wrote in Part I and Part II …PSYCHOLOGY (head stuff) has replaced the seeing of workers as individuals with soul. Business most concerned with

Continue reading "Part III Connect The Dots"

Part II — Connect The Dots (Links To Corroborate Theory)

Industrial and Organizational psychology …this is what management uses as a guid to finding a good worker, what workers to promote, who to fire, who to

Continue reading "Part II — Connect The Dots (Links To Corroborate Theory)"

Connect The Dots All Workers!

Bullying is real. Same type as was in the school playgrounds of grade school or the high school 'mocking' in cafeteria or hall or outside of school.

Continue reading "Connect The Dots All Workers!"

Losing A Father Made Public

My daughter is 16. Beautiful, kind heart but has a social phobia disorder due to severe school bullying. Two years ago my husband had a violent mental

Continue reading "Losing A Father Made Public"

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Transform Your Life With Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT is a scientifically validated approach to transforming your life.

Continue reading "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)"

My Daughter Got Suspended After She Stood Up To Her Bullies

My daughter is an A student and is on honor roll. She has been being bullied by 2 girls since the beginning of 6th grade. We brought it to the attention

Continue reading "My Daughter Got Suspended After She Stood Up To Her Bullies"

Mindfulness Meditation | Dealing With Workplace Bullying Stress

Use Mindfulness Meditation to Stop the Mental Torture of Workplace Bullying. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a modern and proven approach to an ancient practice.

Continue reading "Mindfulness Meditation | Dealing With Workplace Bullying Stress"

My Heart Hurts For My Daughter

I have the most beautiful 14 year old daughter who has overcome so many obstacles. When she was 11 years old she had her first experience with bullying.

Continue reading "My Heart Hurts For My Daughter"

No Good Reason

My emotions are racing all over the place if you hate me so much why are you nice to my face? I don't deserve your mistreatment because I'm nice to you.

Continue reading "No Good Reason"

A Form Of Bullying: Gossip, Inuendo, And Group Participants In A Church

This situation involves a church and a few of its members who are part of a community project that does a lot for needy people by their various talents.

Continue reading "A Form Of Bullying: Gossip, Inuendo, And Group Participants In A Church"

Do No Harm

I changed careers at age 51. Being in management for 25 years, I thought I had seen it all, and experienced it all when it came to behavior. In that 25

Continue reading "Do No Harm"

What Every Target Of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know

Workplace Bullying Target? Find Out What You Need To Know Today To Effectively Deal With Workplace Bullying Before Your Career, Your Health,and Your Life is Destroyed.

Continue reading "What Every Target Of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know"

How I Overcame a Nightmare

I had spent the majority of my life dealing with bullying, from kindergarten all the way through college. As an adult you never think you will become the

Continue reading "How I Overcame a Nightmare"

Know The New Way Of Office

How to deal with a bully (nasty sort, intimidator) turn the other cheek / which means (THIS was a tough hurdle to get over; as I was taught …authority

Continue reading "Know The New Way Of Office"

I Survived!

Knowing I am not alone, reading other's stories, got me through. I survived a very passive-aggressive supervisor for 13 years. She had a velvety voice,

Continue reading "I Survived!"

Am I A Bully

I work at a bar and I am having trouble with a girl I work with... I will refer to her as G. I will start with G's past. She has told me she has had a

Continue reading "Am I A Bully"

Broken After Five Years Of Abuse

I worked ten years at a job and the last five were filled with verbal, mental, and a few times even physical abuse. This is my story. When I started my

Continue reading "Broken After Five Years Of Abuse"

Daughter Being Bullied And Isolated. What Do I Do?

My daughter Thea is 11 years old. She has the most beautiful soul of anyone I have ever met. She is very soft spoken and has a hard time standing up for

Continue reading "Daughter Being Bullied And Isolated. What Do I Do?"

Workplace Bullying Books

Workplace Bullying Books to help you understand the danger to individuals, departments and entire companies and what you can do about it.

Continue reading "Workplace Bullying Books"

Will They Let Me Live?

I am being mobbed everywhere, it's affecting my life at large. I have lost 6 jobs for mobbing. Now the 7th one is in danger. I need legal help. If I go

Continue reading "Will They Let Me Live?"

Health Worker Bullied At Work

Being a motivated and enthusiastic member of staff I applied for a promotion. Three members of staff were interviewed. During the interview I was prevented

Continue reading "Health Worker Bullied At Work"

Mobbed And Don't Know How Much More I Could Take

I'm an account manager for a financing company, and I've been with the company for a little over ten years. I was promoted, and moved to a new branch 3.5

Continue reading "Mobbed And Don't Know How Much More I Could Take"

Punched at Work

I'm a middle aged woman and have been working with my company for 8 1/2 years. My boss's admin has been trying to intimidate for the last two months. We

Continue reading "Punched at Work"

Federal Employee

I have been bullied for 24 years by a male coworker. He has bullied me constantly and has had other employees include contractor doing the same thing

Continue reading "Federal Employee"

My Child Is A Target For Bullies Because He Is Different

Here is what I have been dealing with ever since my child was in elementary school. My child would get picked on so bad he would make himself sick. I wasn't

Continue reading "My Child Is A Target For Bullies Because He Is Different"


This all started at my place of employment. I expected professionalism from a law enforcement agency. I was raised in church and taught to respect people

Continue reading "Mobbing"

It Has To Get Better Right?

My happy, funny, lil fire cracker of a son lost his spark one day, never did I think he was being bullied. When he started to get angry whenever I'd mention

Continue reading "It Has To Get Better Right?"

Lonely Little Lady

My little lady who is 10 is very smart, outgoing, funny and very mature (too mature for her age). She doesn't do the normal things that kids her age do.

Continue reading "Lonely Little Lady"

Bully President

I have volunteered for this nonprofit organization for several months now. Everyone in the board was elected by the stakeholders. We are all equal in

Continue reading "Bully President"

Just Kick Me

I was hired into a full-time town position in August of 2011 after being in a part-time position for a year. The elected official actually called me on

Continue reading "Just Kick Me"

Bossy Boss

I am working at ***** (fast food retailer), and my boss scold every staff in the workplace every single day, even if it was just a very minor mistake.

Continue reading "Bossy Boss"

Whipping Boy Receptionist

I started this job right before the recession. At first I noticed it was my boss yelling at me all the time over the least little things. She pulled me

Continue reading "Whipping Boy Receptionist"

Bullying For Believing In God

Personally, I would be labelled a Pentacostal. I just want to make a point. Having a belief in God us not popular today. Speaking up for what he believes

Continue reading "Bullying For Believing In God"

Sick Of It

My daughter has been bullied for the past 2 years by classmates, friends and even kids who don't know her at all. They have called her a stalker, gay,

Continue reading "Sick Of It"

46 Years Small Town Bullying in Kansas May Be Coming To An End

I am a 2,000/hr year volunteer for two nonprofits in my home town in rural Kansas. Some readers know of my years of nightmare of being the Red Herring

Continue reading "46 Years Small Town Bullying in Kansas May Be Coming To An End"

Devastated Male Victimized By Two Women

I was a was a target because I was the type of person who made the decision to be happy everyday, regardless of any circumstance. I was there for 2 months.

Continue reading "Devastated Male Victimized By Two Women"

Bullied By Stealth

I worked as a bookkeeper in a Legal and Conveyancing Office in my hometown for 14 years. Unfortunately, although I knew something was obviously wrong,

Continue reading "Bullied By Stealth"

My Son Was Assaulted By Another Student

In November of 2013, my son was assaulted by another student. It was set up with the help of others to take place off school grounds. As a result, my son

Continue reading "My Son Was Assaulted By Another Student"

Okay… One More Helpful Tip

I have written a few articles on this site. I thank the site owner for posting all of them. In all my posts; if any have been reading them; I speak a

Continue reading "Okay… One More Helpful Tip"

University Nightmare

I was once studying at a University somewhere in my home country Australia. During that time I experienced a lot of underhand tactics and indirect bullying

Continue reading "University Nightmare"

You Will Get Over The Event

I have read the stories of bullying here… and I haven't a doubt they have all happened. I do understand when some say they will never get 'over' this event.

Continue reading "You Will Get Over The Event"

I Was Bullied By USPS

I was bullied from 2006 to about 2010 by USPS. I got the bullying to stop after 1,000 of dollars in legal fees. I never got back. So I'm creating a documentary

Continue reading "I Was Bullied By USPS"

Mobbed at a Government Agency

I worked for three years and some months at a Government Agency. I did outstandingly well for three of those years, getting great appraisals and three

Continue reading "Mobbed at a Government Agency"

Cat And Mouse Game II

Cat and Mouse… be a positive, business like BUSINESS person. That's who management hired; or wanted to hire. Do not tell jokes, do not try to be 'witty',

Continue reading "Cat And Mouse Game II"

Cat And Mouse Game I

As I was beginning my working life; I would hear it said working is a big game. I really didn't know what was meant by that. Some referred to it as a

Continue reading "Cat And Mouse Game I"



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